Neural Production Expert Advisor

Fully automatic trading system based on a neural network. Thanks to machine learning technologies, we were able to identify and find relationships in large amounts of data. Neural networks are becoming increasingly popular in our lives, large corporations of Google, Amazon, Apple, and many small companies use neural network technology in their work. Now we present to your attention our development.


We are now introducing our innovative forex Expert Advisor

NPEA – Powerful, functional and reliable trading system built using the Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) module implemented on the basis of the ALGLIB library. Over 80% of deals are closed with a profit

Thanks to accurate modeling of the behavior of currency pairs, the algorithm can predict with high accuracy when to open a deal to buy, and when to open a deal to sell.

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What We Offer

Professional and unique trading robot

The trading robot has been developed since 2017. Unique trading strategy based on machine learning principles.

Guarantee of Quality and technical support

The algorithm has regular updates. Professional technical support from the algorithm developers.

Metatrader 4/5

A trading robot can work on trading platforms Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5

Automatically money management

A trading robot fully controls your risk in transactions. You only need to specify% risk in EA settings.

No risk trading methods

We do not use martingale, trading on the news or any other dubious trading methods

Support 12 currency pairs

Our neural network is trained to trade on 12 currency pairs. 6 Majors and 6 Cross Pairs

Stable income

Passive income on autopilot. The trading robot will make all decisions for you.

Live Accounts + Demo Version

We use a trading robot on our real accounts. Also, you can test the demo version on your demo account.

Satisfied customers
Days in a year of stable income
Average monthly profit in 2020
Hours of development

Important Features
for Profitable Trading

The algorithm has been developed since 2017. The first versions for sale were released in January 2019. We have extensive experience in creating automated trading systems. Thanks to our experience, we have taken into account a huge number of important features of forex trading and made several important functions in the code of our trading robot.

Smart Money Managment

In addition to a fixed lot size, you can use a smart lot management system, a percentage of the deposit that you are ready to lose in case of failure. This will make earning profit faster.

High Spread Protection

The Advisor will not open transactions when the current spread is above the set value.

High Slippage Protection

If the slippage or execution time is higher than the value set in the settings, the EA will stop trading. This will protect your deposit from possible losses.

Profit Protection

We use a unique algorithm to close the position. Thanks to this algorithm, we do not hold positions for a long time. We open the deal during the exact signal and close it when the signal weakens.


Trading With NPAEA Forex Robot

To start using NPEA you need to follow 6 simple steps

Download NPEA

Request VPS Server

Installation EA

If you don’t have one. Please read article about VPS.

Open an account and install the algorithm following the instructions.

Meet the team

Awesome NPAEA Team


Jared Moore


Alex Addington


Guillermo Raffa


Clients Say

We do not collect reviews. Here are some of our clients’ testimonials. You can find other reviews on our forum or on the Internet.
Chloe Carter

This is my first EA review. I've not come across another EA that produces such consistent returns. This is an extremely resilient EA, it handles news events, unexpected turns and trends very well. It just works.

Trader Rock Star

Excellent for the robot. I am completely satisfied if you understand of course what the market is, and not stupidly buy and get rich. Thank you for your work. I recommend to those who understand. Arrived to you, in our nervous business)

Lauren Golf

Hello! NPEA quite not a bad product from the ``new school`` on a real account for 2 months and plus 85% to the deposit.
Advice - choose brokers with good trading conditions to make a profit, just take the VPS server, which has good technical characteristics, is very sensitive to slippage and low order opening speed. Otherwise, he works himself, only requires a reboot every week. From the author of the project comes automatic distribution of updates and various types of settings for the advisor.


I am new to the forex market and this is my first advisor (before he tried to make money manually), but the success was changeable like the weather in London.I found NPEA from reviews on the Internet, and using the link I got to their website. The site is simple - space! Very stylish and cool. I chose the version and paid for everything through BTC, a couple of minutes later the advisor's license came to my mail and immediately wrote the technical support of the site and explained everything in an accessible way and helped to install and configure the advisor. I remembered everything and now I do it in 2 minutes) I work with this SUPER ROBOT since spring 2020, passive earnings from $ 400 - $ 700 I receive every month, it all depends on the market)
Salute everyone!

Blog and News


In our blog, you can find useful articles about using our trading robot. As well as other interesting materials about trading in the forex market.

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